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VizAbilities Success Stories

We are proud to display the top 15 advertisers who are using VizAbilities to reach their competitor's prospects and customers.

Nordstrom Intercepting Kohl's and JC Penney
HP Intercepting Office Depot and various computer stores in Washington
Macy Macy's Home Department targets Target Stores
NunnBush Targets shoe repair stores in Western US
AutoParts Intercepting NAPA stores nationally
USAtoday Intercepts anyone viewing New York Times and Washington Post websites
BarnesNoble Interecepts Amazon's customer service toll-free number
MicrosoftStore Targets anyone looking for an Apple retail store
Sony Intercepts users of Best Buy's Geek Squad site
Starbucks Targets Safeway, Fred Meyer, and QFC stores while promoting their in-store brands
Thrifty Targets anyone searching for Enterprise Rent-a-Car locations
LumberLiquid Intercepts the direct dial numbers of Home Depot contract lumber department
MrsFields Presents offers to consumers viewing search results for gift stores in California
Orbitz Presents to Delta and United Airlines prospects and customers
Sirius Targets DirecTV customers