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An Innovative Approach

You need to reach your customer when they need you most, while they're searching for your product or service on the web. In this competitive environment every edge counts. Being able to anticipate your competitor's customers and prospects and then grab their attention at their critical decision point is what we do.

Float Over Your Competition

Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to finding information on the web, so how do you get their attention? Imagine targeting your competitor's customers and prospects by inserting a message about your product or service every time somebody sees your competitor's phone number on a webpage. Every search result, every Yelp review, every blog, even your competitor's corporate website... anywhere.

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The MAXify Plugin

Consumers worldwide are downloading and installing the MAXify browser enhancement in order to see promotional materials about businesses like yours while they are searching for your competitors. We scrub each page for your competitor's phone numbers and enhance it with a link to your website or promotional message.

When users look for your competitors using Goggle Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, or Safari, the MAXify service will deliver your marketing message directly to your target which engages them on the spot!

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Maximize Your Cloud Resources

The MAXify service delivers media-rich content that contains links to your online presence, website, Facebook page, or other web assets. Links to videos, maps, social networks, coupons, online offers, all through the customized VizAbilities application.

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Side-by-Side Comparison

Watch this video and see the difference between a page in a regular browser window versus a page with MAXify. With MAXify, customers searching for businesses on the Internet are shown offers and promotions from you that will affect their decision making in real-time. This is where you want customers to see your message, at their final decision contact point.

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